Delivery & Pick-Up Options


We've partnered with Uber's delivery service to offer our full menu of beverages, pastries and baked goods straight to your door!

  • Fast and easy!
  • No minimum order

Get the UberEats App!

How It Works:

  1. Place your order online or through the UberEats App from your nearest Wake Up Call location.
  2. Select the items and options you want and enter any special instructions.
  3. We'll make your order fresh and notify an Uber driver as soon as it's ready.
  4. They will pick up your order and bring it directly to you
  5. Enjoy!

Pick-up Orders

How It Works:

  1. Call or fax (preferable) your order form to the nearest Wake Up Call.
    • Please place your order 24 hours in advance.
  2. Specify payment
    • We accept credit cards in advance or cash upon pickup
  3. We'll confirm your order and scheduled pick-up time.
  4. Pick up your order and enjoy!

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