MadHatter MaDnEsS

MadHatter Madness - 16 drinks | 4 rounds | 1 winner

Let the MaDnEsS begin!

Each day, we're pitting two delicious MadHatter drinks head-to-head in a single-elimination fight to the top!

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Tournament Drink Details

Here's the full line-up of competing MadHatter drinks and what's in 'em!

Tropical Blues

CDA - 4th St.

blue raspberry, cantaloupe, kiwi

Green Gummy Bear

Union District Cafe

green apple, desert pear, white peach, splash of lemonade

Pineberry Smash

Pines Rd.

blue raspberry, lavender, pineberry, topped with snowcap

Cucumber Cooler

WUC Corporate Office

cucumber, white peach, dried blueberries on top

Blue Hawaiian

Liberty Lake

blue curacao, cantaloupe, pineberry

Blue Crush

Divisoin & Nora

blue raspberry, pineberry, white peach


North Pines & Trent

blackberry, sour candy, watermelon

Pomegranate Punch

Double Decker Bus

pomegranate, red raspberry, white peach, splash of OJ

Spring Daze

Evergreen Rd.

white chocolate, passion fruit, strawberry

Stranger Things

North Division St.

blackberry, pomegranate, sour candy

Lavender Paradise

5th & Freya

blue curacao, lavender, white peach

Blue Jolly Rancher

Gonzaga Concessions Cart

blue raspberry, desert pear, pineberry, splash of lemonade

Lucky Ducky

Sullivan Rd.

blue curacao, green apple, pineapple

The Selena

Northwest Blvd

blackberry, blue raspberry, passion fruit, pomegranate


Dishman-Mica Rd.

blue curacao, cantaloupe, grapefruit, pomegranate

Mad Melon

Julian Strawther

sf madhatter, sf strawberry, sf watermelon