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Signature Espresso Drinks

The Abbey

The Abbey

Delicious blend of white chocolates
Double Decker Mocha

Double Decker

Made with chocolate and real peanut butter


Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, & Peppermint
London Latte

London Latte Available Sugar-Free!

Sweet & salty caramel with cinnamon sprinkles
Royal Crush

Royal Crush Available Sugar-Free!

Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, & Sea Salt

Available Sugar-Free! = Available Sugar-free

Espresso Drinks

Made to order, almost all of our espresso drinks are available iced, hot, or blended!

Americano Espresso shots and water
Latte Espresso shots in milk (steamed or iced)
Mocha Espresso shots and flavor sauce in steamed or iced milk
Cappuccino Espresso shots with steamed milk and milk foam
Caramel Macchiato Espresso shots, caramel sauce, and milk (steamed or iced)
Double Chocolate Mocha A mocha made with chocolate milk
C3 (C-Cubed) Carbonated, caffeinated, coffee

Coffee & Tea

Almost all of these can be done iced, hot, or blended as well!

Drip Coffee Our medium-light roasted house blend, brewed and served hot!
Cold Brewed Coffee Coffee brewed slowly at room temperature
Nitro Cold Brew Our cold brewed coffee, infused with nitrogen!
Tea Premium whole-leaf teas, brewed with hot filtered water
Chai Tea Latte Concentrated, spiced black tea with milk (steamed or iced)
Sugar-free Chai Sugar-free, concentrated, spiced black tea with milk (steamed or iced)

Coffee-Free Drinks

Coffee may not be for everyone... we're cool with that!

Steamer steamed milk
Hot Chocolate Steamed milk with chocolate sauce
Double Hot Chocolate Steamed chocolate milk with chocolate sauce

Italian Sodas

Infused with flavor, iced or blended!

Italian Soda Club-soda and flavor, served over ice.
MadHatter Energy Our premium energy drink and flavor, served over ice

Blended Drinks

Cool it off and smooth it out!

Wake Up Kids Smoothie Milk and flavor blended into a smoothie
Ice Cream Shake blended ice cream base and flavor
Fruit Smoothie Blended fruit puree
Granita Blended coffee-flavored smoothie

Bottled Drinks

Take something for later...

Water (20oz.) Bottled filtered spring water
Orange Juice Bottled orange juice from concentrate
Apple Juice Bottled apple juice
Red Bull 8.4oz can of Red Bull energy drink
Frizz Sweet, bubbly, espresso soda